Published Work

Reliving the Authentic Italian Panino in New York City
Three Wise Women: Changing their Local and International Communities
Venice: City of the Incognito
Lorenzo de Medici’s Triumph of Bacchus: “Di doman non c’è certezza”
A Love that Moves the Sun and All the Other Stars
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NY Artscapes Column:
Let’s Uncover NYC’s Vivacious, Ever-Changing Art Scene
Paintings of Light: A NYC Artist’s Ethereal Vision of the Concrete Jungle
Chico MacMurtrie: Breathing Life Into Robots
Giorgio Casu: Straddling the Line Between the Real and the Enchanted
Emilio Perez: Touching Cuban Shores from Brooklyn Streets
Arianna Carossa: Can Aestheticism be More Than Just Visual?
Amy Wilson: Sewing is My Language. And I Tell Stories of NYC.
Roberto Almagno, From Nature to Sculpture
The Trauma of World War II Lives On Through Alberto Burri’s Compositions
Picasso Shocks the Art World Once Again in MoMA’s “Picasso Sculpture
Sizing Knowledge: The Titanic Endeavor of the Man Printing Wikipedia
Cappuccino and Brioche to Celebrate the Winners of IACE’s “Short Food Movie: The Oscars at Eataly” Competition
We The Peoples: Norman Rockwell’s “United Nations” Brings the United Nation’s Mission to Life
Mayor Luigi De Magistris: “Naples Will Never Be a City Intolerant of Race or Culture
Italy’s Natural Beauty On View at The United Nations
The Art of Making Pizza? A World Heritage To Be Added to UNESCO’s List


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Three Shades of Chris Ofili
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OPEN> Press Tea: An Asian-inspired tea shop in Manhattan embraces its West Village home
Silicon Borough: WXY’s master plan for the Brooklyn Tech Triangle incorporates urban design and architecture as well as digital hotspots and educational programs
OPEN> Warby Parker: New York-based Partners & Spade brings a sense of sophistication and permanence to an eye glasses retail store
OPEN> Tørst Bar: Brooklyn-based studio hOmE designs a Scandinavian beer bar using a kaleidoscope of wood
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Hendrick’s Gin’s Enchanted Forest of Curiosities
BRAIN FOOD: French Classics Made Easy
Maximize your MIS: Les Vergers Boiron Cup Competition
PPX: Chef Alex Stratta
BRAIN FOOD: Oldman’s Brave New World of Wine
Raise a Glass for the Girls
PULL ME A DRINK: Cocktails on Tap Take Off
The Meat of the Matter


Fordham Observer
Ciao da Firenze! Fordham Student Finds Passion Under the Tuscan Sun
Pulling an All-Nighter? Do So at Your Own Risk!
Space or Location? Hunting for a Home in Manhattan
Students Rate
Summer Plans go Beyond Blue Skies and Sandy Beaches
Construction Means Students Will Have to Pass on Grass